Trophy Handling & Taxidermy

Trophy Handling and Taxidermy

Ruark Game Safaris sees the trophy handling and care as probably the most important aspect of the entire safari.

During farm hunts the clients’ trophies are usually delivered to the taxidermy immediately after the hunt from where it is processed, and work carried out by the taxidermist according to a signed instruction sheet by the client.

Ruark Game Safaris supports and make use of "First Class Trophy Taxidermy" exclusively, due to their exceptional and incredible quality in producing life size taxidermy work, as they know African animals and their characteristics extremely well.

We are a taxidermy company that offers you an ALL-INCLUSIVE concept for your trophies from (Outfitter) in Namibia. Our service that we offer you is to take care of your trophies “after the shot” with our 360 degrees, all-round package. 

Why First Class Trophy Taxidermy?

Their customers choose First Class Trophy for a number of reasons - some of them are:

  • They have specialists who have many years of experience and know-how. See our team members here:
  • They are a modern taxidermy company with a 360-degree personalized service package around the trophy. This service package is supported by efficient IT systems, modern production facilities and technologies, efficient and precise logistic solution that supports and helps the hunter all the way.
  • They have fast and accurate communication with the customer.
  • They offer their customers on-line access to web-based production portal with "Track & Trace"
  • They have short delivery times - we usually deliver within 6-9 months after we have received the trophy at our workshop.
  • We make very high-quality trophy taxidermy mounts focusing on anatomy, accuracy and the animal's natural behavior.

With World Champion taxidermist Ken Walker in charge of our taxidermist team, you can expect a beautiful trophy mount which you will enjoy for many years. Ken Walker has won the title "BEST IN WORLD" 3 times.



Online Brochure for ALL INCLUSIVE

ALL-INCLUSIVE package means that they take care of your trophies from the day you leave Namibia until they deliver them at your delivery address in (country of delivery/incomint terminal outside the EU). They offer to take care of the complete process within one order. Stefanus Prinsloo  personally takes the responsible to answer your questions all the way. They offer you the complete costs in advance (no hidden costs afterwards), so that you can budget for your trip to Namibia.

The complete process means: INCLUSIVE TAXIDERMY WORK, DIP & PACK, EXPORT DOCUMENTS, SHIPPING AND INSURANCE. To start the process, we only need a 50% deposit payment. The final payment is only due before the final shipment takes place. Our delivery time is 12-14 months from the date of deposit payment.

They are very proud to show you their presentation film, by clicking here. They also demonstrate in this video about the track & trace portal. This is one of their fantastic services they offer you to always be updated on the status of your trophies without needing to contact your outfitter/agent.

Please feel free in contacting them if you have any further questions or read more about their service at ALL INCLUSIVE NAMIBIA, by clicking here. Our ALL-INCLUSIVE Price list for 2020 is available on the same page. Please visit this link, African Trophy Gallery, to view some of our taxidermy work.

Should you wish to only dip and pack or use your own taxidermy, Ruark Game Safaris will gladly assist you in this regard.

Our skinners and staff are well-trained and very professional and will attend to the field preparation (skinning and caping, cleaning, salting and drying) of your trophies.

First Class Trophy Taxidermy