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Ruark Game Safaris - Sharing a dream!

Ruark Game Safaris is about sharing a dream that was imprinted in my mind as a 9-year-old boy… I am grateful to live my dream! The excitement of the hunt following the next day thinking of what could be tomorrow, playing the scene over and over in your mind…. to be awakened by the battling start of an old 6cilinder land cruiser, the smell of homely hot cup of coffee. The first challenge will be to brace the cold morning air looking for tracks to start your days hunt with time flying by and the day warming up fast. The sudden shock to come face to face with your prey and keeping a calm mind over the matter – will be your new challenge. The silence of the African bush and the emptiness that stretched to the horizon provides a ready-made antidote to an exciting day.

As the day comes to an end you will be in awe with our most beautiful sunset – the Creator’s way to remind you to be grateful of where you are and what you are privilege to experience.

Around the bonfire, with wood carrying its own sent and seems to burn forever – and reliving you day over and over – making your friendship bond stronger you will occasionally hear the cough of a hunting leopard and the call of a lonely jackal. This is what bonds friends and what RGS like to offer.

We pride ourselves by offering personalized and exceptional service without compromise – and the experience and beauty that only Namibia can offer. You will undoubtedly make lifelong friends and memories you will forever treasure.

Welcome to Namibia!

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